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Find Your Unique Writing Voice- Part 3

Like an unsharpened pencil.   I still did not find my own voice.


I thought working on a newspaper would lead me to fulfill my writing dreams.

I loved newspaper life. I loved the pace and the ever changing of news day by day. I loved working with journalists. I worked for a season as a “stripper” – not what today’s terminology would imagine.

I was taught to creatively strip away what I could see would enable the story to fit in a designated space. This was hard as no writer likes to have their work condensed.  However, my suggestions were suggestions only and the Editor made the final choice.

I had seven years of learning and absorption into this fast and interesting life.

One day the Editor called me into his office and offered me a traineeship to become a cadet reporter. They would pay my University fees to obtain a Degree in Journalism.

Everything I had believed I wanted, was mine for the taking. 

In a moment of sudden clarity, I smiled thanked him, but said ‘No, I do not believe this is how I want to write.’


What did I feel/believe I wanted to write?

Do you know what is the voice you want to express?

Where would my writing searching go next?

Are you still searching for your voice – not a pattern of someone else’s?

Part 4 will continue my journey.

Keep writing……..your voice will come forth.  Let it always be a JOY not a chore. Every pathway can enhance ordinary daily living.

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