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Monday Motivation: For the Worrier

Benjamin Franklin quote

I’m a worrier. I dress it up by saying that I am planner. Both things can be true.

How many situations have I prepared myself for that have never happened? Likewise, how many unplanned situations have happened? 2020 is an indicator of that. The things I worried about in 2019 are futile now with the effects of the pandemic.

I believe there is a balance that I’m still working to find. It is important to plan for what you can foresee and control without dwelling on all the possible outcomes of each of them.

If you’ve had to deal an abusive person that can be hard as everything surrounds not stepping on the invisible mines that may set them off. Part of the process is constantly predicting their response.

Try to remember that you are no longer in that situation. You no longer have to predict or monitor the moods of others. You are no longer responsible for their feelings. Enjoy the moment and stay in the sunlight.


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