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Tips for Making an Engaging and Effective Post

Happy Writer’s Wednesday!

Today we will be discussing ways to make a more effective post. There are many ways to write a blog post and none of them are right or wrong but adding more structure may help you in the long run.

With the right structure in place, each post will have different content but will serve the purpose you intended it to.

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Here are a few ways you can create a more effective post.

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Crafting a Title

Does the title accurately convey what is in the post while grabbing the readers eye?

I hate click bait with a passion! But I also understand the importance of creating a catchy title that reels readers in.

Try brainstorming a few titles before writing your post then go on to write the body of the post. Afterwards, go back to your list of potential titles and choose the best one (edit if necessary).

Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works for you!

Introduction/ First Paragraph

Is this paragraph engaging and builds off of the title?


Determine the purpose of your post and simply write down all of your thoughts. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or if what you are saying is even relevant- this is simply your first thoughts.

Take a break.

When you come back, read through the post again and ask yourself, “does what I wrote center around my purpose for writing this post?”

If not, go through and edit your post until it fulfills its purpose.

Here are some other things to include in your blog post:

  • While you are at it, make sure that your post is in a conversational and readable format. I have found that lists and short paragraphs are most effective as they cater to the skimmers.
  • Does your post include any links to any other of your posts?
  • Does the post include pictures (here is a post on where to find free pictures for your blog)


We have finally reached the grand finale. Congratulations!

The most important thing you need to consider is what do I want the reader to do next? Do they need to share the post, follow your blog, sign up for your email list?

Make your request known!

When you are asking your reader to do something, put yourself in their shoes. Why should they do what you are asking them to do? What benefit would completing this request bring to them personally?

Be sure to list the benefits or the “why” of your request.


  • Tag your post
  • Schedule your post to be published


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