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Find Your Unique Writing Voice- Part 4

 Finding my voice. 

Once I discovered that writing for me was a gift I needed to nurture, I stopped thinking perhaps it was to be my source of income. I stopped imagining writing a ‘best seller’ or changing the world. I stopped thinking, in fact, writing was to BE my life.

This is one vital lesson to be learned. You may feel differently.     I discovered that writing is an addition to life.

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Though a gift. it needed to be crafted, learned and explored.  Every flow from my pen became a learning journey. I kept notebooks.  One year I had five. One in the car and four scattered in various places around the house.    Sometimes the sudden thought means nothing, but sometimes it becomes ‘something else’.

If you journal each day, it can be a burden or a discipline. This is what you choose, I chose to keep a diary/journal but like in the notebooks, often wrote just a word or a statement.

I read somewhere and I cannot find the source, but it rang true for me during the busy years of raising children, being a mother and financially keeping a home together.

If you want to be a writer then never stop writing.  Let it be like a flow of water, from a well inside. 

This may not be your way in this INSTANT society but I took time to enjoy writing.

I attended group writing sessions,  I explored writing ALL  Genres.  I entered writing competitions.  Many rejections some success.

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It spooked me a little to find I had the imagination to write HORROR but where I went with that was not where I personally wanted to live.  

What I discovered through the years may be of some help but the secret for me was not to PUSH the gift to be someone else.   Find the voice that is you.

Part 5 will continue.   Think about this….. in one of my old notebooks when I looked back, I saw a question. 

What can happen to love in a family if tragedy strikes and one person is consumed with anger and unforgiveness?

 Years later I began to write an answer but that is another part of the story.

            Enjoy writing….Let it be a JOY and keep learning and growing!

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