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Why This has Been a Year of Growth

2020 was supposed to be my year.

It meant celebrating my life’s milestones with new adventures- pre-planned and pre-paid. New job, new trips, new adventures.

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Until this dear virus cancelled every single plan.

I was devastated.

I did everything right, yet, I’m losing out on everything I worked so hard to achieve for something that is not my fault. While I can’t say I’m not a little bitter, I have learned some important lessons.

I’ve learned to enjoy what I can while I am still able to.

I’m the type of person that will wait until I save “x” amount of dollars to do “x” fun thing. Or I’ll wait until maybe next week or next month to do it.

I’ve learned that in life, tomorrow is not promised. Life is not always about responsibility. Preparing for the future is important but so is taking the time to do the things I love.

These days, my desires are simple. I’ve picked up new hobbies such as gardening. I’ve went back to reading, writing and blogging. I even changed my career path.

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I learned to be flexible.

Moreover, when I’m tired, I rest and do things that rest my mind. I have found a better balance between preparing for life’s uncertainties and enjoying the moment.

Simple things like going to an event with my family have been a treat that I cherish dearly.

Throughout this, I think it’s important to say that this sucks.

You don’t always have to see the bright side of things. Nor should you feel that you should have been prepared for this exact moment. That is not a fair burden to bear. For me, feelings have ranged from surprise, to fear, anger and disappointment.

We each do the best we can with the knowledge and tools that are available at the time. It’s okay that you didn’t know what you know now. Now that you know, make different choices.

Do what is best with what knowledge you have at the time you have it to make the next best step. That’s all anyone can ask of you.

What have you learned this year?

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One thought on “Why This has Been a Year of Growth

  1. Thank you for this post. Yes! if we all have learned by this past year we have gained much by not being able to DO exactly what we wanted to DO. Life has become more valued not just for how we can ‘LIVE’ in it but perhaps in the valuable things we were losing on the way. L:iterature, reading of books, talking to family and friends and I believe many have found again the sheer JOY of being a creative and less ‘Driven” human .All indeed any of us can be certain of is this mo0ment.

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