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Find Your Unique Writing Voice- Part 5

          Finding your own unique voice.

I wanted to write for many years. However, life as wife and mother took priority. Then, one year in my 40’s, two significant unexpected writing events occurred.

A vehicle maintenance shop advertised a writing competition. The prize was to be $200 worth of car accessories. They wanted a 500 word true story with humor sharing a driving experience.

person driving car in sunny day
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 It was then that I wrote, ‘The day a horse sat on my mother’s little car’. 

I won.

I was surprised and shocked when I won.  

I was delighted with my prize of a Gift Pack which included dashboard, steering wheel cover, matching floor mats and lots of cleaning both window and car products. On top of that, the short story was read on the local radio and published in the local paper.

What pleased me the most was that this true story amused people for years.

             Perhaps I was to be a voice that made people laugh?

Perhaps I was meant to be an imparter of humour?

 What is your unique voice? Is humour in writing your VOICE?

I had a lot to learn and the second event at the end of this same year taught me yet another lesson.

            Part 6 will continue.  

        Keeping writing!

Even if you are just writing your thoughts in a small book.  Writing when it is a part of you, becomes a creative extension.     

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