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How to Meet Your Blogging Goals

I don’t write everyday. I wish I did but I don’t.

Life happens. I’ve said that phrase this year more times than I can count. Yet, I chose this year to dive back into blogging after a long (and busy) hiatus. 

This year, I’m focusing on consistent and quality content. It seems that you are doing the same. So here are some of the things that help me meet my blogging goals. 

 Have some kind of schedule:

 As I said before, I don’t write everyday. Yet, posts come out because I have a blogging schedule and I try to write each post at least a month in advance.

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Realistically, I recommend publishing blog posts multiple times a week if you want more chances of your audience increasing a little faster. I have noticed that the more I post, the more followers come. WordPress also has a feature where you can schedule your posts so that you don’t have to manually publish each day. This tool is really helpful!

I prepare most posts the month before, this really helps me to focus on creating posts that are both consistent and of quality because I have the next 30 days to think on what I want to say. You can get more tips for creating a consistent blog here

Limit your posts to a maximum 1 per day:

When I first started blogging, I would release multiple posts within a day. There was no particular rhyme or reason for this- only that I was excited about making another post! 

It took a kind reader to tell me that it is more effective to publish only one post per day instead of ten. These days, you will notice that we only publish one (maybe two) posts per day. 

Don’t overload your viewers.


Popular teachings recommended posting on your blog several times per day. I say that releasing a couple of posts a day is overwhelming for both you and the reader; when I follow people who do this, I tend to stop reading their post because they have too many to read in a day and I feel like I am never caught up.

But if you just write a few posts and schedule them to be released in the future it will help both you and your reader.

You will find it a lot easier to provide consistent content when there is not so much pressure to crank out a ton of content at one time.  It’s a lot easier to fill up your blogging schedule by releasing one post versus publishing multiple posts per day.

Plan for days when you have no inspiration:

It happens. For me, the strategy of just “powering through” doesn’t work.  I usually end up staring at a blank screen unable to comprehend what I just wrote.

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Sometimes, life just beats you down. It’s okay to not have the energy to produce content every day. But on days where you are able to, write until you are not able to write any more or edit as much as you can. 

For me, I almost never fully write and edit posts in the same sitting. Some days, I have more energy and more ideas so I write. I often start my posts in my notebook. 

Then, on another day, I’ll transcribe it into a blog post. I may even take another day to fully edit, upload pictures, tags, and schedule the post. 

 This is how I create a reservoir of content to choose from. 

Stay involved with other blogs:

 Staying involved with other blogs can help to provide inspiration, knowledge and entertainment to you and the other bloggers. My favorite aspect of being a WordPress blogger is being a part of a community and engaging in some interesting conversations. Get to know the people behind the blog.

Any other tips? Please list them below.

What blogging questions do you have? 

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