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How to Get Your Blog Back on Track After Taking a Blogging Hiatus

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I get it, you started your blog with high hopes and a strong start. You dove into learning how to start a blog, how often do you post, and how to build a community. Maybe you started writing posts weekly or even daily. But life got in the way and more important things seemed to take up your time. But you told yourself you’d have the energy to pick it back up at some point. Eventually, you notice it has been months even years since you have touched your blog and now you are here. Wondering how am I going to start again and where do I start?

I get it.

I left my blog for two years and came back to a whole new world. The very format of WordPress was different. A lot of the bloggers I used to write with had also abandoned their blog. My readers and blogger friends had seemingly disappeared. I quickly realized I would have to start over again. After eight years of blogging, I would have to begin blogging like I was a beginner building new content and new relationships which is extremely frustrating. But where do I start?

So, if you are in the same boat as me, here are some steps you can take to get your blog back on track after taking a blogging hiatus.

Where do I start?

Take a breath and set reasonable expectations for yourself. Let go of the demands you previously had on your writing. If you used to blog everyday, give yourself grace to only write once a week. It took you awhile to build up to that point then and it will take you awhile to build up to that point now.

With that being said, I recommend re-entering the blog world with an arsenal of blog posts and confidence that you posses what is needed to meet your goals. Come into it with a plan. When I first hopped on WordPress after two years of being absent, a lot of the bloggers I followed were gone. There were new faces with new attitudes in the blog world that I had to get to know.

So start with that.

Please click here to view the full post.

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