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Motivation Monday: Good Decisions Aren’t Always Simple

“Nobody says that good decisions are always simple, but they are necessary for success.”


What decisions do you need to make today?

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4 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Good Decisions Aren’t Always Simple

  1. Not everyone will approach decision making the same way as I do but this one thing life has told me is that decisions are not always easy or simple but ‘sitting on the fence’ of indecision is soul numbing and NOTHING is gained. Taking a deep breath and a walk helps. Switch off distractions.
    I PRAY.
    Others may just retreat into a cupboard. Until you know deep within your heart this decision will not majorly effect the quality of life for some one else you must have this certainty it is RIGHT then take the first step, (I also believe human mistakes can be rectified if you make a wrong decision. Just don’t walk too quickly down your life path that you cant KNOW apologise and start again.) AN example. I disagreed forcefully with my husband about purchasing a piece of country land to live on. NO WAY! It would be so wrong…isolated and bad for the children! All my objections were valid and REAL I was vehemently opposed.. His response ‘ don’t decide by just your head. Come, walk, breathe in the air and look at the beauty of space’ .. Years later I marvel that when I TOOK a deep breath and stopped stressing about all the negatives, I said Ok!. The passion to buy then consumed be with worry that we would not get the land. I made a decision but almost sat on the fence and where we have happily lived for 37 years would not now be my daily reality. Covid has confirmed…we do not HAVE to isolate,,,,,,,,,we ARE! Take a breath each one of you. Settle!

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    1. Yes, Faye! Thanks for such a thoughtful response. That’s similar to what I do. Stop. Take a breath. Reflect and make a decision. I’m so glad that you have found joy in your land and in your life!


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