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Find Your Unique Writing Voice- Part 6

      A wonderful opportunity was offered to me at the end of the same year I wrote the short story about the horse sitting on my Mum’s car.  It was a true story!

      Because the short story amused the wife of our small community local Mayor, she phoned me and suggested I apply for a Council Grant to nurture the Arts, she was putting into place on the council budget.

        I applied and to my delight, was awarded a grant in Literature to go to a week-long writers live-in teaching time at a University.   

         During the six full days I participated we were encouraged to take time to simply…..write, WRITE, and WRITE..  Ideas were given and either inspired or led to blank nothing.  When I was blank, I was BLANK.

            I tried my best, but like a lot of valuable Writing Groups, I seemed to go nowhere specific until………..

              One of the lectures called me into his Office and gave me a valuable piece of advice.   

          He said.  ‘You are a STORYTELLER.    You are not meant to be a crafted novelist or fit into any specific genre. You must tell stories or relate life events.  You need to find your own VOICE.  Maybe you are meant to write longer stories.  Maybe a book.’       

    This then, is advice given to me.    

      Perhaps you too are to be A storyteller and your writing may be in fantasy fiction etc etc.  

        The ONE clear indication I had from this time was that I was to be a writer of real-life stories, but they could also be fiction.   What a puzzle to work out!

        If you love to write and writing is a Gift, then REJOICE.   Your writing will never be written with a perspective this is my job and needs to support me, but from the place of  stories within, needing to be shared,  A teller of stories.

             Still more on this discovery journey of my life

               There will be a Part 7. 

              Keep writing.   Keep taking notes.  Be yourself!  You are unique!

                 Your pen and your voice should be like no one else’s.  

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