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Service to Others is Indeed Service to Ourselves


We can talk about the positive effects of selfless actions for hours and today I will point out some of those which I have experienced in my life. However, looking at the world around us can give us a good estimation what can greed do to a society.

1. Service gives us perspective

It happens to me very often that my occupation with my worries detaches me from the reality which is happening in the world. When we spend so much time in our head it is so easy to get lost in our own issues and see them as not only the most important and the biggest problems in the world, but also to feel paralyzed towards them.

They say service gives you perspective and that’s true. While serving others makes us aware of what others are going through, we are able to see everything from a new point of view, a human point of view. Life is not easy, it never has been, so why not making it easier for each other by putting a little bit of effort.

2. Service empowers you

For me seeing the effects of my actions, however small they could be, when done with the right intention, makes me happy. sometimes when we are drawn in our own sorrow and we decide to help somebody else, we understand that even if we are in a low point of our lives, we still can be of use and service to others. So if that is not empowering, what is?

3. Service connects you with you deeper inner nature

“….plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”

How did this sentence make you feel? deeply elevated and content, no? Doing something positive for another person is something that we can all deeply connect. I remember being a kid, I always wanted to find a way to cure cancer (I guess as we grow up, our wishes gets simpler, lol), but I remember being in my bed, thinking about doing something for the humanity, would make me deeply content.

4. In service you can find yourself

It happens to me very often that I find my deepest and truest strengths when I’m doing something with the spirit of serving another person or the society in general. I find my real value and I can see the other people’s value better as well. It helps me to celebrate the diversity, and the beautiful effect that we can each person can have and how uniquely each individual can add value to the collective project.

Service, comes out of pure intention and that’s what makes it so effective, not only for the people we serve, but also for us. So next time you feel so stuck in your life, do something kind for another and see what happens and how it feels:)


I am Arezoo,

I am an Iranian Architect interested in Humanitarian Issues, living in Milan, Italy. What I publish in my Blog is a mixture of my understanding of Bahá’í writings, my personal experiences and my reflections on social issues.

I studied my Bachelor in Famagusta, Cyprus, and moved to Milan, Italy, to continue my Master’s Degree in Polytechnic university of Milan. During my course of study, I got interested in humanitarian architecture, and its effect of social and community cohesion.

12 thoughts on “Service to Others is Indeed Service to Ourselves

  1. This is so true. I work in the service industry and I find I get so much satisfaction from solving a customer’s problem. It makes me feel that I had a positive impact on this crazy world. Even if it’s only for a few minutes.

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  2. Amen! Beautiful perspective on the healing power of helping others. We all have our own unique work to do in the world and it’s so fulfilling to actualize it. Agree with Raj, everything in the universe is interdependent and interconnected. Thich Nhat Hanh calls it “Interbeing.”🙏


  3. You have a beautiful name, meaning ‘wish’, ‘desire’ in Hindi and Urdu. Your thoughts are very much in sync with your name. In a larger sense, our lives exist within an interdependent and interconnected web. Hence helping others amount to sustaining our own selves. With best wishes…

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment Raj, yes my name in Persian has the same meaning wish and desire:)
      I completely agree with you in the fact that we are living in and interconnected world, it in important to take that into consideration in everything we do or even think:)


  4. What a great perspective and example for others to follow. Thanks for being a great beacon of light, and making us reflect on things deeper and beyond ourselves. We all need more of this in our lives, because we rise and fall together. 👏🙏

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