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Find Your Unique Writing Voice- Part 8: Becoming a Blogger


     I will always be grateful to The Author Learning Centre based in the U.S.A. and a young man who only knew me through my book Beyond the Ashes. I had been given a subscription to this writer’s centre which was more about marketing than what I was really seeking. 

        This young man was appreciative of my writing and knew I was also not in the life pursuit of success, fame and fortune.    

            He telephoned me – at his expense – and said ‘You are a story teller.’    ‘ You need to tell your true stories about life and also find your own voice as well for fiction.’  I believe the pathway is : BECOME A BLOGGER,  He recommended WordPress and told me to do a blogging course. 

               From my perspective this info changed my life and is continuing now as I am becoming older. It is the source of writing life and ongoing inspiration. 

              The first assignment I had to undertake was to identify my writing voice in three words.

I said to my husband I am a passionate elderly writer.  

         His response was a challenge but truth. He suggested the blog be called PASSIONATE CREATIVE CHRISTIAN.    

             This has defined my life as now anyone who chooses to follow my blog knows that they will only find there posts to inspire, and of beauty. I do not promote causes or anything other than my blog’s name indicates .  As far as my writing voice is concerned I now also know  that I will be gaining access to other peoples lives hobbies etc.  My commenting voice must remain within those same writing guidelines.    

               As this Voice now has become my identification and there is an Avitor attached to what I pen,  I journey on with passion and wonderful  freedom.    My stories for children and other works of fiction  can resonate with imagination but all must have the hidden heartbeat of Hope and Beauty.

                Your unique voice will not be the same as mine but if you blog may your blog in essence tell who you are and project forward.

                  Being a blogger in our world today is a vital writing platform. May you find your own unique Voice and may we encourage each other when we connect with comments of appreciation for all who write, and the unique nature of EVERY WRITING VOICE,  

                     How wonderful and diverse have been the Voices I have encounterted on my journey.

             I have learnt so much by reading the posts of others. Blogging is a great adventure when you know your own Voice.

                     KEEP WRITING!   

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