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Achieving Patience One Day at a Time

These days I’m struggling to be patient. Life has become more like a treadmill path, running without seeing any apparent result. I am sure we all feel more or less the same. After almost one year of lock down, our patience is being tested.

I have been focusing and trying really hard to become more patient these days, with myself, with how life is going and all the different circumstances. I pray for being more patient and I meditate on it. Patience has even been my mantra when I do my yoga practice, but nothing. I still wake up and I have this crave for something to happen. For a change outside or at least inside of me. I want to wake up patient.

Having all these going in my head it suddenly hits me. I can not achieve patience, without being patient. I have to be aware that patience, like any other virtue takes time and I have to take daily actions towards it, not wanting to achieve it all at once.

Reflecting on the meaning of patience, I realized the points below:

1.Patience gives control

I have realized that with patience, I am more in control. Not in control of what would happen but how I feel about the circumstances and how I react. Do I loose hope or I get stronger? Will I give up or try harder? The choice is mine!

2.With patience comes peace

I realized when I am working toward being a more patient person, I am no longer racing to find my destination. I am more in peace with my process and I try to take my life one day at a time. Striving to be better little by little, day by day.

3.Patience gives us clearance

Mostly when I am just trying to get things done and make things happen, I am surrounded by so much noise. The noise sometimes stops me from the things that really matter and makes me stuck in the everyday mindless routine.

With patience and through time, things become more clear. More chances are shown, and more possibilities become evident. Sometimes while striving and trying hard we must take time and practice patience.

Patience, trust and hope are the three virtues which I am trying to work on, the most during these days. I want to keep my hope and trust in that with patience, hard work and persistence everything is possible.

I am Arezoo,

I am an Iranian Architect interested in Humanitarian Issues, living in Milano, Italy. What I publish in my Blog is a mixture of my understanding of Bahá’í writings, my personal experiences and my reflections on social issues.

I studied my Bachelor in Famagusta, Cyprus, and moved to Milan, Italy, to continue my Master’s Degree in Polytechnic university of Milan. During my course of study, I got interested in humanitarian architecture, and its effect of social and community cohesion.

Right now I am trying to find myself through different experiences. I do voluntary jobs, write, sometimes express myself in graphics design and do some architectural works.

What I really want in life is to have a positive impact and make the world a little bit better everyday:)

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