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Cultivating Imagination During Tough Times

A creative writer needs to stimulate their imagination to enable them to express with words their flair and comprehension. 

Stimulating the creative part of our humanity also can be of great assistance when we are faced with certain uncomfortable life situations.


I met a young woman in the waiting-room of the Radium Clinic.    She was terrified of being enclosed in a capsule, like- a coffin, for her 1st treatment.    

I understood.  I had already had two out of the 20 in my prescribed plan. 

Gently, I suggested something I had found of great help to me. 

When she nodded, I said. ‘Choose a magazine on the table and find a coloured picture you really like.’  

I was surprised by her choice.  

 I then said ‘Focus on the picture and in your imagination look at details and colours.   When you go into the capsule carry the image in your mind.  

               Don’t be distracted by noises.   Close your eyes and see the image and soar with imagination.’

Her chosen image was of a plate of food, so I was a little anxious as she was wheeled away.     I sat with her husband and offered up a silent prayer that ALL would go well for her.

When she returned to sit with us twenty minutes later her face was radiant.   

I heard her say to her husband.  ‘That was amazing! I don’t remember a thing, but I have two evening meals planned with the items that were on the plate’. 

I heard him laugh as I was wheeled away for my turn. 

I carried the beautiful image of a sailing boat in imagination and my experience was vastly different to Cara’s and not productive to normal life but enriching in internal peace. 

Cultivating imagination by reading, pictures and looking clearly at the beauty around us can aid everything we do in this life but particularly as WRITERS.  

My daily five-week radium journey was not one I would have desired, but the time has enriched my life in every area.  

I even gained ideas to write stories.

Keep writing.  Keep journeying well!  

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