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How has Your Writing Voice Changed

Question of the day-

How has the tone or message of your writing voice changed?

Going through old posts has made me realize how drastically my writing voice has evolved.

I can clearly see the times I was experimenting with the different tones and styles of my personal writing.

For instance, my current general writing tone is a bit more relaxed yet passionate. I get right to the point with little to no introduction or explanation.

Often, I write in short paragraphs and enjoy the use of pictures.

With this change in myself, I’m curious as to how the writing journey has gone for you. How has your tone and style changed or evolved over the years?

I look forward to discussing with you, below!

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3 thoughts on “How has Your Writing Voice Changed

  1. I believe the actual tone of my voice is more sensitive now as a blogger I I pay more attention to what other voices are expressing and perhaps respond to their writing in a deeper heart to heart way. Passion has not diminished with my advancing years but my voice is still learning and being refined.


  2. I feel as if my writing voice has changed a lot over the years. I’ve gone to writing in mostly passive voice, to active voice. I’m more mindful of the language I use and of the development of my scenes as I write fiction. The more I write poetry, the better I become. A writer’s voice grows and develops over time as has mine.

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