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How do I Find Bloggers With Similar Interests?

WordPress Reader

There are several ways to find these bloggers and since most of you blog with WordPress, people with similar interests should be a bit easier to find thanks to the WordPress reader.

When you login and go to, that is what is called your reader which shows you the most recent posts that the bloggers whom you follow have published.

One of the features that I have used more recently is the ‘tag’ section which is located on the left sidebar; this is where I have found a lot of bloggers. Tags are what you describe as the general topic of the post you have written (ex. beauty, blog, life) so that people who may be interested in these topics can easily find you.

So, when you are in WordPress Reader, you can enter in the type of posts you are looking for in the search bar (be sure to be specific). For instance, if you are a beauty blogger looking for beauty blogs, type in ‘beauty’ and you will find all types of different beauty blogs and posts.

My most common tags are:

  • Life
  • Blog
  • Mental Health

If you find this to be a little overwhelming, I recommend clicking “Discover” in the WordPress Reader. This will lead you to some recent posts that WordPress thought was interesting.

Here are some additional places to find bloggers with your interests:

  • Goodreads Groups: Depending on your niche, Goodreads can be an excellent resource for you! Book bloggers and authors are often the main users of this site.
  • Other Blogs: If you find a blog that you really like, see if they have a place to feature their followers if not, look in the comments and click the profile links of that commenter and explore that blog.
  • LinkedIn Groups and Google Plus Groups:  Google Plus is where I found authors of whom I still work with and LinkedIn groups are an excellent place to find and advertise your own blog.
  • Bloglovin, Reddit and Pinterest: The usefulness of these depends on how much time you are willing to dedicate to each platform. However, each prove to be great ways to find new blogs.

I believe that part of blogging is about finding some kind of community or support, even if it is just one person and finding people with similar interests can create this very thing. However, do not limit yourself to people who are like you, go outside of your comfort zone…you never know how similar someone can be to you while being totally different.

Did you find this helpful? Where are some other places to find bloggers with interests that are similar to yours?

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