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     Writing is a Journey of Discovery, Of Self and of the World Around us

     Enjoyment of Writing is a GIFT and a life Passion.

     Writing is a Journey of Discovery, Of self and of the world around us. 

The first question I had to answer long ago when I was a child was this.

Do you love to write for the sheer joy of putting words on paper?  Or do you write because it will be your source of income?   

        Creative people in all areas be it as artists, dancers, writers, or other forms of personal            

       expression, need to be sure about their response to this.  Even sport if it is begun as     

         something a person loves can be destroyed if others have goals about it becoming an   


 From the age of about six, I loved to use my pencil to form the alphabet but when we recited a is for ‘apple’… mind wondered what sort of life does an apple enjoy?   Such childish mind wanderings began my writing journey.   

Now at 78 years old I still love to write.  I enjoy the feel of pen on paper and found a transition to our present world of technology a great learning curve as well.    (I have managed to preserve one and learn the other.  

That’s why I have a beautiful notebook and pen but now a Blog site and a Website as well.

    If others are encouraged I will write more of my growing up and writing lessons learned.  

2 thoughts on “     Writing is a Journey of Discovery, Of Self and of the World Around us

  1. Thank you. Writing is a gift. I discovered later in life when combined with faith it became passionately ignited to bring Hope and Beauty into the world around me. . That is why I blog as well. Keep writing keep using your gift. Make a difference! Financial would only ever be sown back into writing,


  2. I’ve been reading and writing since I was around 4. I’ve always loved words. Writing is the talent of the family I got shuffled into. I’ve also been blogging since 1999 and didn’t have any idea you could get paid for it. And while I dabble into the idea of it… blogging has always just been my therapy, my passion. I enjoy writing and reviewing things even if I don’t get paid for it!

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