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Are you Happy? What is Happiness to You?

Desolate and not grand but what brings contentment also makes me happy.

       What is happiness?     I have found my answer in life’s simple things.

 Many folks think of striving and achievements.  This often brings moments of happiness.  Often, I have discovered that real happiness is such an intense emotion that it cannot possibly last on that high plane.  

         It lessens and then can lead to a flat feeling.    A bit like a burst balloon.  

         Contentment and gratitude for what I have around me has surprised me by moments when I can truthfully say……..

                                                           I am happy.  

         Writing is something which brings me happiness – not if I’m looking for success or acclaim.  

   The joy of a beautiful notebook, a pen with flowing ink, a page decorated with images of beauty and life – these are things which make me feel peaceful and contented. 

      In that place. I can again honestly say.

                                   IN MY soul is at peace.                                                          I am happy!

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