About Us

What We Do:

Build. Connect. Inspire.

That is our simple motto.

Build: By build, we mean to encourage growth in each writer’s life usually by sharing information. Sometimes that means sharing helpful writing tips, other times, it means sharing a piece of life in someone’s story.

Connect: Community is a huge deal here. We are not a site that simply shares information, we aim to connect people to people through blogging.

Inspire: We all need a little inspiration now and again. Our goal is to encourage you in your daily journey.

Why Do We Do It?:

Although it doesn’t take a long time or courage to say what we do, it requires a lot more vulnerability to share why we do it.

TMU has actually been around for since 2013. And for various reasons, I shut it down but decided to reopen it.


I have spent over three years trying to figure out the best way to create a community that is both unique and useful to all.

I spend so much time building community  because I know what it feels like to be lost and alone. I want to create an environment and a safe haven for people to grow and be connected because this is what I lacked for years.

Growing up, I never felt I belonged. While this provides a sense of discomfort, it also has allowed me to grow in many ways.

The goal here is not to “fit in,” it is simply to provide a place where you are accepted as a person first, then to provide a space where you can grow and become a better person.

That is why I do why I do.

So I hope that you not only enjoy this community but find it useful as well!