History of TMU

Here is a brief history of TMU. I hope you enjoy!

  • TMU was opened as a blog, thoughtfulmindsunited.wordpress.com around October of 2013. We used this video as one of our intros:
  • Below, is a review of our viewers in 2014

year in review pic 2014

  • In May 2014, we received 100 followers and 50 Likes

50 likes100-followers


  • In July of 2014, we won the Liebestor Award
The Liebester Award!
The Liebester Award!
  •  2015 Viewers

2015 year in review

  • We closed in December at around 800 followers and around 13 members
  • Below is our old logos


  • Our official re-opening was in April of 2016

lrg logo transparent bckground