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Coming This Fall- Writers Needed

TMU is coming back for the fall on and I am so excited! Leading up to the release, there will be monthly posts published to gear us up for the season. This time, we are including a new topic- Mental Health. Mental health, especially after abuse, is an important piece of life. I am looking… Continue reading Coming This Fall- Writers Needed

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Now Accepting New Bloggers!

Hello! I’m going to keep it short, sweet, and simple. Today, I just wanted to inform you that we are open  to guests and receiving team members on our blog! You can write whenever you want while meeting more people. Whats the Catch? There are a few guidelines that must be followed: -All content must… Continue reading Now Accepting New Bloggers!

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Fairen’s Favorites: 5 Things That I Appreciate This Week

Today, I’m going to introduce a little something that I like to call “Fairen’s Favorites.” Every so often, I will share some thing that I like with you whether that be blog posts or thoughts! This week, I am sharing 5 things that I appreciate this week.   Follow my personal adventure on life, leadership,… Continue reading Fairen’s Favorites: 5 Things That I Appreciate This Week