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Mental Health Tuesday: What is Gaslighting?

First off, I think it is important to say that I am not a doctor or psychologist. I am just someone who is very familiar with gaslighting and other forms of abuse. If you like this post or have suggestions for future post, please click here to take our short survey! What is Gaslighting?  Quite…… Continue reading Mental Health Tuesday: What is Gaslighting?

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I Never Thought

With each passing day, I take in a deep breath…inhale, exhale. Deep, lost in my thoughts I find myself, pondering about the irony of my current reality. Watching you grow accomplishing every milestone is still a wonder to me; I’m amazed of how far we’ve come. Milestones in which I rejoice and find sadness all…… Continue reading I Never Thought

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On Tripping Mode…

At times I repress from writing, I find it sorrowful since I’ve yet found a happy story to write about; yes I am alive, still breathing, healthy, I have a job, clothes on my back, food on my plate and a roof above my head. No matter how difficult these things are to retain, I…… Continue reading On Tripping Mode…

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Little Girl…

Little girl who once filled with big dreams, who saw the world through lenses of wonders and magic; a world of impossibilities and happy endings. Little girl once filled with childlike wonder, relentless, hopeful and certain that she could and would conquer all. Little girl with ideas which limits surpassed the stars, little girl filled…… Continue reading Little Girl…

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Mental Health Tuesday: Cat and Mouse

He toyed with me. Right from the start it was a game for him. He was the predator and I was the prey in a game that included emotional, psychological, and financial abuse. I found him on a dating site. Oddly, his profile picture was of his back. As it turns out that is his…… Continue reading Mental Health Tuesday: Cat and Mouse