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52 Things I Learned in Life and Blogging

Today is my birthday! So to celebrate, here are 52 things I learned in life and through blogging. Engagement is the key to building a community not a group of onlookers Be organized, yet flexible Stick to a schedule but be reasonable with it Never lack zeal Just because you feel others don’t do it,…… Continue reading 52 Things I Learned in Life and Blogging

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What Is Your Favourite Month ?

This is a post first published about a year ago, on the former edition of TMU.   July has always been my favorite month. As a child, adolescent and adult now, it always meant to me holidays and the possibility of “being on my own”. I have several “July” friends, I only see them on this particular month and being…… Continue reading What Is Your Favourite Month ?

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Writer Wednesday Challenge: Write an Open Letter to Yourself

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll! Today’s challenge is to write an open letter to yourself or to others. The only stipulation is to be completely honest! Oh and you may want to leave the link, below. Need ideas? Check out my open letter to my friends, here!

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Today´s Thought

  Wouldn‘t the world be beautiful if libraries were more important than banks?” – Quoting Joaquin Salvador Lavado Tejón (a.k.a. Quino –  Born in Argentina, 1932). What´s your opinion? Note: This post was first published in my Portuguese blog, and then on former TMU (August 2015), but I guess It´s something to think about

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The Smell Of Paper

It was one of my first posts for the former edition of TMU (May 2014) – Please allow me to share it again I have nothing against electronic publishing, and as someone who reads a lot, those new technologies are really helpful as they provide the access to all kinds of contents, just by “clicking”, but there…… Continue reading The Smell Of Paper

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I´ve made some researches about your name and I´ve found very interesting things on Internet: This is a very rare name, according to the Social Security Administration there are only 13 persons born with this name in the US. Girls named Fairen are: Kind, home-loving, hospitable and friendly. Since they take responsibility well, they are…… Continue reading Fairen

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My Response to “How to Get Others to Co-operate”

While editing last week’s Monday Motivation, I received a bit of inspiration. If you need a refresher, here is the quote we published: How true have I found this to be! While at first glance it seems manipulative, the fundamentals are true. The times that I’ve gotten the most are the times when the two cornerstones…… Continue reading My Response to “How to Get Others to Co-operate”

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Why Do I Write?

Because I can is one possible answer, but it´s not the answer. Is it for Money? No,I write for free, of course some say “if no one pays for what you write is because what you write worths nothing”, but I disagree Is it for fame? No, I´m not famous and I´m not looking for fame. Is it…… Continue reading Why Do I Write?

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How Many Books Can We Read, And How Many Movies Can We Watch During Our Lifetime?

The following post was written and published (November 2014) for the “first life” of TMU, and I think it´s interesting to republish it. Of course my figures are higher, but still very “short” for someone like me 😦 I admit it’s a hard question to answer but sky is the limit… I`ve  started my private statistic a long time…… Continue reading How Many Books Can We Read, And How Many Movies Can We Watch During Our Lifetime?

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2 Last Letters For A New Word

Hello Dear Followers, Today it´s Writer´s Wednesday, and I want to propose you a challenge: One thing I like a lot is to play with words,  so this game is called ” 2 last letters for a new word”, and it´s purpose is to create a new word using the last two letters from the previous word: Example:…… Continue reading 2 Last Letters For A New Word

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Children´s Day

It´s been a long time since my last post here, and a much longer time since I was a child… Here in Portugal we celebrate children´s day today. I guess I was a nice kid, and I have good memories of that time(s). And you, dear follower , what do you remind of your days as…… Continue reading Children´s Day

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Happy Writer’s Wednesday! This week, I’m happy to announce someone “new” to TMU. Today’s post will be presented later today by Pedro! Pedro has actually been with us before (check here) but since we re-opened, he is joining us as an editor. So, welcome back, Pedro! Be sure to check out his personal blog, as well. The…… Continue reading Introducing…Pedro!

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I Had to Apologize to Someone I Haven’t Talked to in 6 Years. Here’s What Happened

Last week, I had to do something that I had put off for awhile now. I had to apologize to someone that I hadn’t seen or talked too in about 6 years and I felt completely liberated. Over the years, I have had many horrible and flaky friends. I don’t think I can say it any…… Continue reading I Had to Apologize to Someone I Haven’t Talked to in 6 Years. Here’s What Happened

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Writer Wednesday: How do You Get Your Writer Juices Flowing

Alright, bloggers! This writer’s Wednesday comes with a question. What do you do to get your writing juices flowing. Whether it be writing a blog post or writing a book, how do you get focused, pick an idea, and work it? Let me know in the comments! Or, if you write a post, link it…… Continue reading Writer Wednesday: How do You Get Your Writer Juices Flowing

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I wrote this story for a class and thought I’d share. Enjoy! I’d love to read your side of the story from a different perspective! I quickly scroll down the blue and white themes of Facebook and find the white space covered with new mothers with happy marriages. Old friends have met new friends as…… Continue reading Mockery