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Now Accepting New Bloggers!

Hello! I’m going to keep it short, sweet, and simple. Today, I just wanted to inform you that we are open  to guests and receiving team members on our blog! You can write whenever you want while meeting more people. Whats the Catch? There are a few guidelines that must be followed: -All content must… Continue reading Now Accepting New Bloggers!

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Worst/Best Advice?

Scrolling through my old posts, I stumbled upon this old jewel. I thought it’d be fun to ask you guys the following questions this year! As of now… 1. What is the best/worst advice you’ve received and why? 2. What is something(s) you’d like to tell a newbie at life that you wish you knew?… Continue reading Worst/Best Advice?

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What I Learned in 2017

1. What you lose when working too much. Some things aren’t worth money. This fall, I decided to pick up an additional job. All for very practical reasons. However, I learned what you miss when you are working 50+ hours per week and going to school at the same tome. Don’t get me wrong, working… Continue reading What I Learned in 2017

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It’s Been a Year!: My Real Name is Fairen

It’s been a year since the big reveal! Please enjoy this re-post and keep in mind that some links, below, may not work due to the post being over a year old. Source: My Real Name is Fairen My name is not Felicia. Let’s start with that. For years I have gone by a name… Continue reading It’s Been a Year!: My Real Name is Fairen

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Writer Wednesday Challenge: Find Something Beautiful in the Ordinary

We were challenged by Faye to find “something beautiful in your ordinary life this week.” Although, the picture below is not from this week, it doesn’t fail to make me smile. This year, I have decided that I wanted to try grow vegetables. Come to find out, I was a bit too late to start… Continue reading Writer Wednesday Challenge: Find Something Beautiful in the Ordinary