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A Great Idea

I don´t know if that kind of actions are usual in other countries, here in Portugal they aren´t, so let me share something I found very interesting. In a joint initiative of the Library of São Lázaro and the Arroios parish council, more than 2500 books are being left by the Lisbon streets, a literary… Continue reading A Great Idea

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How Many Books Can We Read, And How Many Movies Can We Watch During Our Lifetime?

The following post was written and published (November 2014) for the “first life” of TMU, and I think it´s interesting to republish it. Of course my figures are higher, but still very “short” for someone like me 😦 I admit it’s a hard question to answer but sky is the limit… I`ve  started my private statistic a long time… Continue reading How Many Books Can We Read, And How Many Movies Can We Watch During Our Lifetime?

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Book Clubs to Join!

So, as you may know, we are hosting our own book clubs! Below, are the available book clubs to sign up for. If you need more info or would like to join, fill out the forms, below! This will be updated as we go on! If you have suggestions, questions or would like to lead… Continue reading Book Clubs to Join!

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Feature Friday: Why Our Author Brand is More Important than Ever Before

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Mike Licht For the past few months I’ve been focused on writing and not on social media. Hey, even the Social Media Jedi can get burnout 😉 . But now we’re going to shift gears because, aside from writing the actual…