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Monday Motivation: When Deadlines Have Gone By

                     Working to deadlines is a commendable attitude even for folks not writing for  a magazine or someone else who needs their contribution.                                    When you KNOW the deadline has gone…… Continue reading Monday Motivation: When Deadlines Have Gone By

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What are Your Blog Goals?

Happy new year! I hope you have had an enjoyable New Year so far! I have been enjoying a break to reflect and determine how to best move forward. As I was reading other bloggers goals for 2021, it made me wonder what are your blog goals for this year? What are the things you…… Continue reading What are Your Blog Goals?

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Motivation Monday – Laugh, Love and Courage

  Whether it be friend, family or lover what are you doing to get closer to this goal? What are some of the things you’d like to achieve in life? New posts begin in September! Why are we re-sharing this post? Look here. Join our community and be notified of new helpful posts and exclusive…… Continue reading Motivation Monday – Laugh, Love and Courage

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Do you have a dream? Do you have a goal? Do you have vision? Without these things (providing they not un-achievable or selfishly motivated) how do we handle it when we can’t SEE the end result but glimpse only part of what is possible? This indeed is true of most of life. A goal can…… Continue reading WHEN CLEAR VISION IS OBSCURED