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Are you Happy? What is Happiness to You?

Desolate and not grand but what brings contentment also makes me happy.        What is happiness?     I have found my answer in life’s simple things.  Many folks think of striving and achievements.  This often brings moments of happiness.  Often, I have discovered that real happiness is such an intense emotion that it cannot possibly last…… Continue reading Are you Happy? What is Happiness to You?

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Sometimes Life Brings Gentle Surprises

I was working out a problem with my phone’s refusal to send a text message when I must have touched my laptop computer and on the open pictures link as I scrolled through this one brought such a burst of joy, I thought of all the folk out in the wider world and simply say.…… Continue reading Sometimes Life Brings Gentle Surprises

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Feature Friday: Delight in the Little Things

Happy Feature Friday! This week, in light of recent events, I want to share only one post written by our very own Jane Elizabeth from Crazy Sunshine Jane. Delight in the Little Things by Jane Elizabeth I’m not a Pollyanna, but wouldn’t it be lovely to dance and twirl on a mountain top without a…… Continue reading Feature Friday: Delight in the Little Things