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Story Time Saturday: How I Learned to Speak My Name by Jessica Edouard

Ahem-Ahem-attention, please…lol, is anyone listening? Recently, I was asked to tell my story. My story?   For a writing exercise, I encourage everyone to sit and examine this subject. Questions arise, many, dizzying questions, circling until paralyzed for those of us who not used to talking about themselves. I have never lavished a good yarn…… Continue reading Story Time Saturday: How I Learned to Speak My Name by Jessica Edouard

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Motivation Monday: What are you Capable of Doing?

  What are your goals for this week? How will you act on them? Why are we re-blogging this? Click here. Join our community and be notified of new helpful posts and exclusive content by email! Click here to join our email list!

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Motivation Monday: When Pausing Looks A Lot Like Quitting

Happy Monday! A lot of times, we talk about quitting, failing, and giving up but what we don’t often talk about is pausing. While it is important to talk about topics such as giving up, we often neglect to talk about the times when pausing looks a whole lot like quitting and quitting ends up…… Continue reading Motivation Monday: When Pausing Looks A Lot Like Quitting

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Motivation Monday: Keep Moving FORWARD

. Today´s quote is brought by Persia – She is the mother of a boy, an animal advocate and lover, a domestic abuse survivor, and a vintage style enthusiast. She started blogging to reach out to others, by talking about her experiences and how she overcome them. Please welcome Persia, and follow her blog: Blog of…… Continue reading Motivation Monday: Keep Moving FORWARD

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A Magnificent Challenge

Thanks Faye, Thanks Fairen, São Martinho do Porto (SMP) is  a quiet village at about 12 miles from where I live,  with the exception of July and especially August, when it´s almost impossible to park and get peace…I love it during Winter, Autumn and Spring because I can walk on my own on an almost desert beach and feel the wind…… Continue reading A Magnificent Challenge

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Compilation of Inspirational Quotes From 2016

This year, TMU (Thoughtful Minds United) introduced something called Motivation Monday. Every Monday, team members post something they believe will be inspiring to our audience. Part of this task has included posting inspirational quotes. So, to celebrate the end of 2016, I am sharing a list of only some of the inspiration we have shared…… Continue reading Compilation of Inspirational Quotes From 2016

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2 Last Letters For A New Word

Hello Dear Followers, Today it´s Writer´s Wednesday, and I want to propose you a challenge: One thing I like a lot is to play with words,  so this game is called ” 2 last letters for a new word”, and it´s purpose is to create a new word using the last two letters from the previous word: Example:…… Continue reading 2 Last Letters For A New Word

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Monday Morning Motivation- Gratitude

? Gratitude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. “she expressed her gratitude to the committee for their support” synonyms: gratefulness, thankfulness, thanks, appreciation, indebtedness; Websters Dictionary Life is not a cakewalk for some. It can be incredibly difficult and challenging. What’s easy is to be thankful when…

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3 Thought Provoking Quotes to Remember

Happy Monday! Today, I thought I’d share something a bit different with you. (Feel special yet ;D) Today, I’m sharing three thoughts that I try to live by. Why only three? Honestly, they are the only thoughts I have written down because it’s part of a bigger project. I’ve decided to create a system called…… Continue reading 3 Thought Provoking Quotes to Remember

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5 Quotes to Get You Started This Monday

Good Monday! Last week, I asked you all to share your favorite inspirational quote. So, this morning, I will be sharing your thoughts as well as some helpful quotes to (hopefully) help you through this week! Enjoy 🙂 Recommended by:     What are you looking forward to this week?