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Motivation Monday: What are you Capable of Doing?

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Motivation Monday: Keep Moving FORWARD

. Today´s quote is brought by Persia – She is the mother of a boy, an animal advocate and lover, a domestic abuse survivor, and a vintage style enthusiast. She started blogging to reach out to others, by talking about her experiences and how she overcome them. Please welcome Persia, and follow her blog: Blog of…… Continue reading Motivation Monday: Keep Moving FORWARD

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Today´s Thought

  Wouldn‘t the world be beautiful if libraries were more important than banks?” – Quoting Joaquin Salvador Lavado Tejón (a.k.a. Quino –  Born in Argentina, 1932). What´s your opinion? Note: This post was first published in my Portuguese blog, and then on former TMU (August 2015), but I guess It´s something to think about