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Fairen’s Favorites: Why I’m Not Getting Any Writing Done

Today, I’m going to introduce a little something that I like to call “Fairen’s Favorites.” Every so often, I will share some thing that I like with you whether that be blog posts or thoughts! If you notice that one of your blog posts made it, please feel free to use put the awards on your…… Continue reading Fairen’s Favorites: Why I’m Not Getting Any Writing Done

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Dear Angel…

I had just closed the last box of my possessions when I saw the notebook. It was a black composition notebook that had been thrown in my closet. I picked it up and instantly remembered what it was. I opened it and saw two sets of handwriting, one was mine and one was her’s. Looking…… Continue reading Dear Angel…

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Storytime Saturday: Crazy Apple Lady

It’s not my fault I drive a big car. I still pretend I drive a small single-person’s car, squeezing down near impossible back alleys, reversing into shoebox-sized car spaces… But here I am, parody of the modern day suburban mother, driving my huge, ozone depleting, nitrogen oxide emitting, four wheel drive to the supermarket and…… Continue reading Storytime Saturday: Crazy Apple Lady