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Find Your Unique Writing Voice- Part 3

Like an unsharpened pencil.   I still did not find my own voice. I thought working on a newspaper would lead me to fulfill my writing dreams. I loved newspaper life. I loved the pace and the ever changing of news day by day. I loved working with journalists. I worked for a season as a…… Continue reading Find Your Unique Writing Voice- Part 3

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Tips to Improve Your Creative Writing

Creative writing consists of the ability to elaborate on interesting text and by avoiding the obvious. This keeps the reader to the end and still leaves him satisfied with the minutes spent on reading. This means betting on analogies, figures of speech, and a captivating story. Avoiding conventional standards. Developing this skill is fundamental for…… Continue reading Tips to Improve Your Creative Writing

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I Never Thought

With each passing day, I take in a deep breath…inhale, exhale. Deep, lost in my thoughts I find myself, pondering about the irony of my current reality. Watching you grow accomplishing every milestone is still a wonder to me; I’m amazed of how far we’ve come. Milestones in which I rejoice and find sadness all…… Continue reading I Never Thought

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On Tripping Mode…

At times I repress from writing, I find it sorrowful since I’ve yet found a happy story to write about; yes I am alive, still breathing, healthy, I have a job, clothes on my back, food on my plate and a roof above my head. No matter how difficult these things are to retain, I…… Continue reading On Tripping Mode…

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Welcome to Thoughtful Minds United 2020!

Welcome to Thoughtful Minds United 2020! Over the past few months, we have been re-publishing some of our most interesting work over the past few years and now it is FINALLY time to show you what we have been working on! We have added new members to our team and have some great guests that…… Continue reading Welcome to Thoughtful Minds United 2020!

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Mental Health Tuesday: Cat and Mouse

He toyed with me. Right from the start it was a game for him. He was the predator and I was the prey in a game that included emotional, psychological, and financial abuse. I found him on a dating site. Oddly, his profile picture was of his back. As it turns out that is his…… Continue reading Mental Health Tuesday: Cat and Mouse

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Motivational Monday: Why We Need to Enjoy the Little Things in Life

A Thought to Ponder:  Every new week is like an open window into new possibilities. Open the window wide and with a smile venture forth. Enjoy the little things.     One day you may look back and realize…..they were the big things. Thoughts?

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In Spite of the Darkness, Goodness Still Prevails

My father in law gave me a bookmark which I have in my top left desk drawer.  Yes, I know that it should be in a book somewhere, especially because I am still a hundred pages from the end of Cloud Atlas. But I always worried that I would lose this bookmark.  It’s metal with a…… Continue reading In Spite of the Darkness, Goodness Still Prevails

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Motivation Monday: When Pausing Looks A Lot Like Quitting

Happy Monday! A lot of times, we talk about quitting, failing, and giving up but what we don’t often talk about is pausing. While it is important to talk about topics such as giving up, we often neglect to talk about the times when pausing looks a whole lot like quitting and quitting ends up…… Continue reading Motivation Monday: When Pausing Looks A Lot Like Quitting

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Welcome to Thoughtful Minds United

To celebrate our return in September, we will take a trip down memory lane and relive some of my favorite posts throughout the years. So, sit back and enjoy the reads! Fresh content will be published in September of 2020! To be apart of our team or to be a guest blogger, please click here.…… Continue reading Welcome to Thoughtful Minds United

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It’s all the same to me (but also not)

Originally posted on Confuzzledom:
As everyone else laments everything that’s changed for them recently, it occurs to me that my life is mostly continuing as before. I’ve been working from home for almost five years now. My two trips to the office in Germany are on hold for the time being, but basically my situation…

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Now Accepting New Bloggers!

Hello! I’m going to keep it short, sweet, and simple. Today, I just wanted to inform you that we are open  to guests and receiving team members on our blog! You can write whenever you want while meeting more people. Whats the Catch? There are a few guidelines that must be followed: -All content must…… Continue reading Now Accepting New Bloggers!

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Do you have a dream? Do you have a goal? Do you have vision? Without these things (providing they not un-achievable or selfishly motivated) how do we handle it when we can’t SEE the end result but glimpse only part of what is possible? This indeed is true of most of life. A goal can…… Continue reading WHEN CLEAR VISION IS OBSCURED

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I am Taking a “Break”

Happy Thursday! I just wanted to let you all know that I will be taking a short “break”and plan to return around the week of December 18th perhaps with a blogging guide series that I have been working on. I plan to still be editing posts and catching all of your posts, I just will…… Continue reading I am Taking a “Break”

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On this Day Last Year: Shutting Down the Blog

Wow! I didn’t realize that today, last year, I had revealed that we would shut down TMU. While this was difficult, it certainly was necessary. Time sure does fly! -Fairen P.S. Please Enjoy the picture show of our previous and current logos. It is very interesting to see my photo editing skills develop. Order of…… Continue reading On this Day Last Year: Shutting Down the Blog