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How To Find A Plot Line For Your Story?

You’re ready to become the ultimate writer. You have so many crazy ideas, and inspirations drawn from many of your favorite authors, novels, movies, and whatnots. You sit down, and try to pen down the first word that comes to your mind, and that’s when you come to face the ultimate question that would decide…… Continue reading How To Find A Plot Line For Your Story?

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Be Creative and Dream Big!

Welcome fellow creators! Do you dream of taking your passion and creating a new future, but something holds you back? You’re not alone. And yes, it is possible… Read on to be inspired, and hopefully, by the end of the post you’ll have the motivation to finally get started.

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It’s Almost Here!

TMU is coming back in September and I hope you have enjoyed our “blast to the past” these past few months. Now, we will be adding new posts to the mix. I am excited to give you a taste of what TMU will be like! Keep in mind, we are still accepting writers. Here is…… Continue reading It’s Almost Here!

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Writer Wednesday Challenge: Find Something Beautiful in the Ordinary

We were challenged by Faye to find “something beautiful in your ordinary life this week.” Although, the picture below is not from this week, it doesn’t fail to make me smile. This year, I have decided that I wanted to try grow vegetables. Come to find out, I was a bit too late to start…… Continue reading Writer Wednesday Challenge: Find Something Beautiful in the Ordinary

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Why Do I Write?

Because I can is one possible answer, but it´s not the answer. Is it for Money? No,I write for free, of course some say “if no one pays for what you write is because what you write worths nothing”, but I disagree Is it for fame? No, I´m not famous and I´m not looking for fame. Is it…… Continue reading Why Do I Write?

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Storytime Saturday: Crazy Apple Lady

It’s not my fault I drive a big car. I still pretend I drive a small single-person’s car, squeezing down near impossible back alleys, reversing into shoebox-sized car spaces… But here I am, parody of the modern day suburban mother, driving my huge, ozone depleting, nitrogen oxide emitting, four wheel drive to the supermarket and…… Continue reading Storytime Saturday: Crazy Apple Lady

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Happy Writer’s Wednesday! This week, I’m happy to announce someone “new” to TMU. Today’s post will be presented later today by Pedro! Pedro has actually been with us before (check here) but since we re-opened, he is joining us as an editor. So, welcome back, Pedro! Be sure to check out his personal blog, as well. The…… Continue reading Introducing…Pedro!

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7 Non Sarcastic Ways to Stop Procrastinating

This list is not filled with sarcasm, at all. How to Stop Procrastinating 1.Read this list. 2. Ignore what you should do and do what you wanted to do like watch T.V. or read a book. 3. Pull hair in frustration 4. Don’t set any goals, just do what feels right in the moment. 5.…… Continue reading 7 Non Sarcastic Ways to Stop Procrastinating

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Writer Wednesday: How do You Get Your Writer Juices Flowing

Alright, bloggers! This writer’s Wednesday comes with a question. What do you do to get your writing juices flowing. Whether it be writing a blog post or writing a book, how do you get focused, pick an idea, and work it? Let me know in the comments! Or, if you write a post, link it…… Continue reading Writer Wednesday: How do You Get Your Writer Juices Flowing

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Learning Gratitude and Why we Need Your Help

Friends, I know today is typically labelled as Feature Friday but I have something that I want to share. Well, two things. 🙂 Yesterday and today I have been filled with gratitude as I witness all of the support I have on this platform. I have had team members in the past that have been…… Continue reading Learning Gratitude and Why we Need Your Help

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Friends, I’m thinking about throwing in a few more fun things to this site. Would you  please take a second and give your feedback on what interests you. Here is what I’m thinking: Having Movie/Book Reviews Doing a Summer Reading List- Challenge Doing Interviews and Podcasts Feel free to choose as many options that interest you. Also, if you…… Continue reading Help!

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Feature Friday: Dear Cool Mom

Happy Friday! Today’s post is brought to you by Tricia Drammeh from  . “Dear Cool Mom, You probably don’t remember me, but I remember you. How long has it been? Three years? Four? Doesn’t really matter, because I doubt you’ll read this letter. While you were being the fun mom hanging with the preteens in…… Continue reading Feature Friday: Dear Cool Mom