Join the Team!

We are excited that you are considering joining team TMU!


TMU is coming back for the fall on and I am so excited! Leading up to the release, there will be monthly posts published to gear us up for the season.

This time, we are including a new topic- Mental Health. Mental health, especially after abuse, is an important piece of life. I am looking for survivors, experts, and those who struggle with mental health and life after abuse.

Although we are adding a new topic, we would love to have writers in the following categories:

  • Motivational posts
  • Blogging
  • Money
  • Stories
  • Writing
  • Mental Health

If you would like to be a writer, please send your requests here.

See you in the fall!

Here are some additional positions we are looking for (feel free to contact us with questions and suggestions):


  • General Editor: Edits general and guests articles that are posted Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday. Also in charge of training and helping to recruit new team members.
  • Story Editors: Works to find more candidates who are willing to share stories. Also, edits pre-existing stories to ensure that they make sense to readers.  
  • Writers: Share helpful and inspirational content 
  • Social media: Runs all social media for TMU (Facebook, email, stumble upon). They are responsible for creating engaging and helpful content while engaging with our members on the platforms.