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The Smell Of Paper

It was one of my first posts for the former edition of TMU (May 2014) – Please allow me to share it again

I have nothing against electronic publishing, and as someone who reads a lot, those new technologies are really helpful as they provide the access to all kinds of contents, just by “clicking”, but there is nothing like the smell of paper (especially from old books whose “perfume” is unique –I´m a huge fan of handmade bookbinding ).
We often hear many “experts” claiming that newspapers, magazines, books, and all that currently “needs” paper will disappear very soon.
I´m sure that electronic publishing is “here to stay and to grow” (and it´s great), but the “two worlds” (paper and “no paper”) can live together in harmony…
But if paper is condemned? – It will be a tremendous loss for future generations, because reading also smells

12 thoughts on “The Smell Of Paper

  1. I saved this post till I could take time and savor it. The cookie police have me in handcuffs again (my browser/firewall settings) but I want to “like” this post as best I can. Younger Me thought the smell of books (the library) was the smell of knowledge and am still not convinced otherwise. I agree, Sir, and actually wanted to read more. 😉


  2. I prefer having a book in my hands. I love the smell of old books and old papers. I would like to have a kindle and it always surprises me that Beyond the Ashes, Marranga-Limga and Our God Lives because they are available as e-books I have been told they are loved for their content and folks who have kindles tell me they are easily read. Thanks for blog you make me remember how much I like going to the Library to be surrounded by books, books on shelves everywhere. Cheers!


    1. “you make me remember how much I like going to the Library to be surrounded by books, books on shelves everywhere”
      I also remember those days, and they were great – Thanks for your words


  3. everyone talks about the smell of print paper, but as a blind person, I remember the smell and feel of old braille books and magazines. The paper they used was rough to the touch, and it had a very odd smell. Now, the paper is much smoother, and to me, it doesn’t have a distinct smell. This was just my personal thought.


    1. What can I say after your comment? – Probably I´m selfish, as I see the world through my eyes ignoring the ones that haven´t this gift – I wish you all the best, and for sure, I´ll look at the world in a different way.


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