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I´ve published  this post for the first time on April 13, 2015, but I believe that those Q&A can still be useful for our readers and followers Often our readers ask us us on various topics. Here are 5 questions and my personal answers 1.Clearly I am not easily inspired .. Dang We all have moments of great inspiration, but sometimes we have the dilemma of… Continue reading Q&A

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Any Poets Out There ?

As some of you know, one of the things I do is writing poetry, so let me share one thought: Jim Morrison in 1967 (Music – When The Music’s Over, album Strange Days) wrote We Want The World And We Want It Now, well I don´t want the world (now or anytime) as I´m a… Continue reading Any Poets Out There ?

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Today Is

What´s your opinion about this day? – This year we will have another “friday the 13th” in October – In 2010 we had one (August), in 2011 one (May), in 2012 three (January, April and July), in 2013 two (September and December), in 2014 one (June) in 2015 three (February, March and November), last year one… Continue reading Today Is