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How Many Books Can We Read, And How Many Movies Can We Watch During Our Lifetime?

The following post was written and published (November 2014) for the “first life” of TMU, and I think it´s interesting to republish it.

Of course my figures are higher, but still very “short” for someone like me 😦


I admit it’s a hard question to answer but sky is the limit… I`ve  started my private statistic a long time ago (1st January, 1990) , and according to it, during this period, (until today) I’ve read nearly 400 books and watched almost 2400 movies.
What does this mean? About 16 books per year, less than 1.5 books per month. Nearly 100 movies per year, about 8 movies per month…
I confess that I don´t think that these figures are a “big thing” (for someone so “passionate” like me) , I would not mind reading (at least) one book a day and watch (at least) three films a day, and even if I was able to do that, I will miss a huge number of great books and movies…
Unfortunately our time is not elastic and often we have to swap books and movies for things we do not like at all, but life is what it is…
Let me Challenge you, yes you 🙂 : How many books do you read, and how many movies do you watch per year? – Thanks in advance for your answers.


6 thoughts on “How Many Books Can We Read, And How Many Movies Can We Watch During Our Lifetime?

  1. An interesting statistic to keep a tab on. I do not see many movies and it has to be really good to compel me to go to a multiplex, which is where I enjoy watching it. May be five or six in a year. As for books, I am a slow reader and limit myself to science fiction, philosophy and astronomy, and these cannot be read as fast whodunits. May be six to eight in an entire year.


    1. Interesting…I agree. Whenever I read non fiction it takes considerably longer as I am usually searching and “chewing” on each word. But for a book that I read for pure pleasure, part of me wants to go back to when I read around 3 a week.


  2. I’m not even sure to be honest, I have no idea how many movies I watch just because I watch them so randomly. I started counting this year with books and I’ve only read one unfortunately (I plan to read more though).


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