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What Do We Eat On Christmas Eve And On Christmas Day Here In Portugal

Traditionally, the Christmas Eve (known as “Consoada” a word that comes from the Latin word Consolare (“to comfort”) supper consists of abstaining from meat dishes.

Most of the families eat salted codfish with boiled potatoes and  vegetables, adding olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice, but in some parts of Portugal the tradition is to eat boiled octopus


On Christmas the tradition is nowadays to eat roasted turkey with French Fries and roasted chestnuts but in some regions people eat roasted lamb or goat.

Portugal has a huge tradition in pastries and desserts and  amongst many others you can eat:

Bolo Rei, made with flour, eggs, sugar, Oporto wine, candied and dried fruits, etc


Filhós (also known as Filhozes or Filhoses) – Depending on the region they may be thin or fluffy pieces of a fried dough made of eggs, honey, orange, lemon, flour, tea, sprinkled or not with icing sugar or cinnamon

Azevias – A fried thin dough filled with a sweet cream that can be or chickpea or sweet potato with sugar and cinnamon


Tronco de Natal – It resembles a tree´s trunk and it´s filled with chocolate

Sonhos – an orange flavoured fried yeast dough, powdered with icing sugar

Velhoses – Similar to sonhos but made with pumpkin

Broas – There are dozens of recipes but flour, sugar, honey, cinnamon, olive oil and almonds are the main ingredients

Arroz Doce – made with rice, eggs, milk, sugar, butter, cinnamon


Aletria – Similar to Arroz Doce, but with vermicelli instead of rice.

And on your country what do you eat?


7 thoughts on “What Do We Eat On Christmas Eve And On Christmas Day Here In Portugal

  1. I grew up in a house that usually had a mish-mash of dishes. My mom catered to my dad’s typical American tastes with turkey or ham but there was always some Asian flavor in there. It wasn’t unusual to see some squid & celery right next to a Turkey or something similar to that.

    I love the “weird” combos like that, it keeps things interesting!


  2. Thank you for the sharing. Christmas Eve for us is celebrated quietly and hopefully peacefully. A glass of red white, nibblies of varies kinds ie nuts, fruits, rum balls.
    Christmas day (particularly if its really hot we usually now have a range of salads, with ham, turkey, prawns followed by fruit puddings with either ice cream or hot custard. Variety of food seem to becoming more normal as we introduce good ideas from other cultures.. Love the variety and interest in the food pictures you shared.

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