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Any Poets Out There ?

poetryAs some of you know, one of the things I do is writing poetry, so let me share one thought:

Jim Morrison in 1967 (Music – When The Music’s Over, album Strange Days) wrote We Want The World And We Want It Now, well I don´t want the world (now or anytime) as I´m a strange poet: Sometimes I write  poetry for hours, but sometimes I cannot write a single word for months…

It has nothing to do with method or organisation, it has only to do with a strange thing called lack of inspiration.

Does anyone else feel the same?


11 thoughts on “Any Poets Out There ?

  1. Totally relatable.. It happens to me quite often. I write poetry in one go. And sometimes I just spend hours thinking without output 🙂 I think that’s the essence of being a poet 🙂


  2. Two years ago, I decided to make a conscious effort to write every day. I gave myself two rules: (1) Write at least one new poem. (2) Post it on my blog. If I write more than one, post the best (or the least horrible) to my blog.

    I was very successful in this effort. I did miss a day or two here and there, and I did take a five-day break in May (2015); otherwise, I stuck with it.

    I continued the effort last year, adding a monthly challenge to the equation. Again, I largely stuck with it, and the monthly challenges got me trying different forms I would not have considered if left to my own devices. (Two that I really like—in part because they’re not hard to keep track of—are the rimas dissolutas and the shadorma (oh, and the viator, too).) I have also participated in National Poetry Writing Month every year since 2013, and last year I participated in my first poetry marathon (I did the half-marathon—one new poem every hour for 12 hours).

    What I am finding as a result of all this is that there are times when I will sit down to write something, and either nothing happens, or I scrap it after the first few lines—but I don’t worry about it. Eventually something will come to mind that I feel compelled to write down. Even if it’s crap, I go with it, so I can get it out of my system, and make room for something better to come, whenever that happens.

    Inspiration isn’t something I find in short supply—there’s plenty to respond to these days. It does need to take a break sometimes, however. Then it’s just a matter of riding it out until it’s ready to go again.

    Them’s my two bits.


  3. I have written poetry a few times but when I read it back it just sounds awkward to me. It seems to be well received but I just dunno…


  4. I only write poetry sporadically now, but I used to write it everyday. It wasn’t about making it sound perfect or expressing a single definite theme. It was about getting my thoughts and feelings out in a safe and productive way.


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