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A Surprise….2021 Goal

2021 A Writing Goal. 

This goal has taken my breath away.     It is and was something I never wanted to do.  Suddenly I sensed in the night there was a goal I needed to aim for.

It is to be the story of my life, without bringing in heritage or legacy issues, the absolute truth of how through valleys, mountain tops and some amazing swirling cultural changes, I found the answer to a question.     

                A painfully shy little six year old girl longed to be confident of her place in the world for herself.

   Shafts of Gold is to be that story.    It is about the incredibly Amazing God who met me on my diverse trails.      I came to know the TRUTH about this AWESOME, MORE than I ever could imagine AMAZING God of the BIBLE.

     It could not be learnt from a text book………. but only through life experiences.

          This goal for me is massive……..I really did not want to do it.   I wanted to concentrate on my blogging.          Let the past be the past.    But……

       I began with my earliest memory.

         Chapter 1   became a fact.

       I have once again known the reality that no matter our age, if we have a goal and simply begin…….that Goal draws us forward.

  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021  ALL.      

  Surroundings must not be allowed to define us.  

 Let’s sow into our personal lives a new goal and a new purpose.

       Let’s write!       …..One step at a time!

4 thoughts on “A Surprise….2021 Goal

  1. God has a way of surprising us with goals we never thought of for ourselves or thought we had the strength or courage to accomplish. Thanks for sharing your goal. I’m praying for you and you’ve got this. Here’s one thought I want to leave you with, Your story matters!

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