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Today Is


What´s your opinion about this day? – This year we will have another “friday the 13th” in October – In 2010 we had one (August), in 2011 one (May), in 2012 three (January, April and July), in 2013 two (September and December), in 2014 one (June) in 2015 three (February, March and November), last year one (May) and next year we will have two (April and July).

Is this an unlucky day, or just another day?


7 thoughts on “Today Is

  1. Just another Friday. The date is not the important thing. It is the quality of the life lived in whatever day. I absolutely believe it is what you chose to sow that determines what you reap. Walking with an attitude ‘this is an unlucky day – ie even if we do not believe it’) often causes distractions and many times accidents not because of the date but because of obsession and inattention. Just a thought. Thanks for blog.

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  2. It’s Friday – which means it is the end of a working week for many people; if you are paid weekly, then it is probably pay-day, and it heralds the imminent arrival of a weekend. Why would anybody consider Friday (of any number) to be anything other than a cause for celebrations! 🙂

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