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Learning Gratitude and Why we Need Your Help


I know today is typically labelled as Feature Friday but I have something that I want to share. Well, two things. 🙂

Yesterday and today I have been filled with gratitude as I witness all of the support I have on this platform. I have gratefulhad team members in the past that have been phenomenal and others today that are great, as well!

It’s too bad I didn’t recognize it then.

I’ve never been able to pay anyone that I’ve asked to be on my team…no one-ever.

Yet, I had people who would take time out of their day to attend meetings, participate in group activities, and fork on more TMU work than they had too.

Actually, they didn’t have to do anything since I wasn’t paying them.

Nowadays, I still am receiving support; especially from you all showing up, here. You participate in the polls, share our work, and support our vision.

We have a few team members in the working from our first go-round and I am extremely grateful for that. Thank you for showing up after each post and thank you for giving your opinions!

Make no mistake, I appreciate each one of you. 🙂

However, we still need your support.

As Thoughtful Minds United, we are building a community. We need more than one or two people to do that ;).transparent small logo

I ask that if you are interested in TMU, that you consider joining the cause of building, connecting and inspiring our community in some type of way.

Currently, we are working on creating a summer program and some awesome challenges for you but we also need team members.

The list is here but we need you to simply share your life experiences with us!

blow awayFor instance:

  • Motivation Monday- Share a motivating or inspiring post to start off the week
  • Writer Wednesday- Share an engaging post that allows a writer to go such as writing prompts or challenges.
  • Feature Friday– Share a post that engages writers to connect. Examples: Re-blogging another article or having blog parts
  • Saturday– Share a post that labels a life experience and one lesson you learned from it.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at thoughtfulmindsunited(at)gmail(d0t)com (sorry, spam is real :D) or here.

Whether or not you join, I thank you for your support!

thank you

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