6 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: What You Can do To Change the World

  1. When you encounter hatred sow love… fear sow peace, sorrow,comfort and joy… …… We can’t change the world but I do believe we can change the atmosphere around us ie like the quote above but choosing to behave in a way that causes a change in the hearts of folks around. I once met a really grumpy man who made me want to be really nasty too. I made an effort (it wasn’t easy I did it with gritted teeth) to be extra polite and pleasant. I left him assuring him that He was loved. I still see this man but we are now really comfortable friends. He told me he met many grumpy people in his day and when he stopped being grumpy found they were not nasty at all.! ??? Love the world around as much as you love yourself! indeed. x


      1. If we love one another, we wouldn’t do what would hurt them. If we have each other’s interest at heart, we would help each other become the best version of themselves. This would go a long way to make the world a better place.

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